Our Approach

At MediaTouch.ca, we help our clients further their business goals by harnessing the power of digital marketing while remaining, human. 

Let’s face it, the “social web” IS overwhelming. There are thousands of articles, tools, and self-proclaimed “social media experts”.

Not to mention, it changes every day. 

As a business owner, or decision maker, it can be exhausting to keep up, let alone find the right partners on this journey.

We believe that “social” is not about the tools or technology. It is about relationships. And it all starts by defining a voice and core values while remaining authentic and interesting enough to attract, engage, and convert casual followers into loyal customers, and ultimately brand advocates.

We also believe that “social” is part of a bigger picture. It does not work alone, and has to be integrated with other business and marketing activities — both “on” and “off” line. 


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Our Approach at MediaTouch.ca


1. Goals & Strategy: Failing To Plan Is Like Planning To Fail 


Source: Social Media Today

Source: Social Media Today

Our approach is NOT to get you tweeting right away. We spend the time to get to know your story, business, niche market, customers, and competitors first. We then work with you to develop a custom, realistic, and actionable strategic social media plan that will help your business get to the next level.

Having the right strategic social media plan on hand will save you valuable time and resources as you will get to know what channels you should be focusing on, what content will resonate best with your audience, and how to leverage promotional tactics effectively to grow your reach, engagement, and influence over time. 

Do you need a social media strategic plan or not sure where to start? Talk to us

2. Training & Collaboration: Bridging The Digital Knowledge Gap 

 “In 2013, 43% of companies identified internal social media education as a top social business priority, while only 38% indicate having such a program in place, or in progress.” – Altimeter Group, December 2013

We work closely with our clients to implement upon their social media strategy and empower their staff and employees with valuable internal digital knowledge. We keep up with the latest trends – just like you – by being active and thoughtful leaders in our own space and community. 

Wahiba is a regular contributor to Wavefront On Wireless, Business 2 Community, and the Klout Blog. For two consecutive years, we have attended, sponsored, and spoken at Social Media Camp, the largest conference of its kind in Canada.

Wahiba Chair, Digital Marketing Strategist at MediaTouch.ca, coaching a team of business owners and delegates at Social Media Camp.

Wahiba Chair coaching a team of business owners and delegates at Social Media Camp.

We like to keep our training simple, avoid jargon, and demonstrate what we explain using real examples. 

“Despite the technologies they use, Media Touch has an innate ability to explain what they do in simple terms that make sense to us.”  Virginia Ritchie | Managing Partner, The Health Shows

Do you feel your team could benefit from some extra support? Ask us how we can help.

3. Implementation & Results: Gaining Momentum Over Time

Having a plan in place is great, but it all comes down to execution; and, we all know getting started and building momentum is the hardest part. Our experienced community managers can help you strategically build up your social media channels for a few months until your staff can take over, or on an ongoing basis and save you the hassle of hiring, training, and managing the right person. 

When and where possible, we also leverage our large online network and existing influencer partnerships to bring attention to your brand more effectively as it’s forming its blueprint in the online world.

sample attn

An example of MediaTouch connecting a relevant fan to one of its clients (icankids.com)

While the strategy is a little different in each channel, our goal is always to drive results. Growth in reach, engagement, and influence are a few of the metrics we improve on a monthly basis and provide to you in a monthly report.

Do you need some help managing your social media accounts? Ask us about our community management services.

4. Reporting & Measurement: Defining and Growing KPIs Based On Your Goals 

While social media has been proven to be more measurable and effective than traditional marketing, it all comes down to your goals. Furthermore, since social media is all about building relationships, it is more challenging to track in the short term.

Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about 3 times as many leads.  (Business2Community/DemandMetric)

Inbound marketing delivers 54% more leads than traditional outbound marketing. (WebDAM)

34% of marketers use Twitter to successfully generate leads 

67% of Twitter users are far more likely to buy from the brands they follow on Twitter. (MediaBistro)

Social media can be integrated into literally every aspect of your organization. For instance, it can be used to deliver better customer service, which will in turn reduce your operational costs; and it can be used to find and engage new influencers, which will in turn increase the reach of your campaign. These are the kinds of things that we can measure and report on.

At MediaTouch.ca, we provide an easy to understand, custom reporting system using a combination of qualitative and quantitative data pertaining to your particular goals. 

reporting sample

Example of charts and data included in a MediaTouch.ca client report for community management.

Are you not measuring your social media progress or simply not sure what to measure? Let us help you define KPIs for your organization. 

5. Learning & Refinement: There Is No Perfect Social Media Recipe

Just like you, we’re always learning. As much as it helps to do our research, talk to you, and have a good strategy and plan in place, we are constantly experimenting with content and engagement tactics to see what “sticks” best as we get to know your growing audience better. As an example, we use Twitter engagement metrics (i.e. re-tweets, clicks, replies) from previous months to guide your monthly Twitter content schedule (i.e. what quotes, tips, tricks, types of questions, images etc. your community liked most).

If you share our values and are still looking for the “right” partners to help you not only keep up, but win over your competitors, customers, and influencers by harnessing the power of the “social web”, talk to us or send us a tweet @MediaTouchCa!