A Few Social Media Tips for New Mobile Developers

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This article first appeared on the Wavefront On Wireless website.


A couple years ago when apps were becoming the new thing, it may have been easier to be ‘noticed’ on apps stores. Now it is practically impossible to stand out amongst over 300,000 apps (in the case of the iPhone App store) – especially if you are a new developer or company looking to build your brand awareness.

We learnt these obstacles hands on when launching our app CarrotLines in 2010 and re-launching this year, 2013 in partnership with Tommy Europe.


So, what is a new mobile developer supposed to do?

Social media offers an inexpensive medium to build your brand awareness, develop your content strategy, and grow your community before launching your app. This way, when you do, you will have an existing community to whom you can directly market your app as well as early adopters and ambassadors who will be happy to speak your voice both on and offline.

Below are quick tips and exercises to help get you started with social media:

1.     Social Trademarks
If you haven’t already done so, secure your ‘social trademarks’ i.e. Twitter handle, Facebook page name, Instagram, etc. accounts. You may not use these accounts right away but they represent your brand.

 2.     Start a Blog (early on)
While a successful blog requires regular postings and engaging content, do not let this put you off, just start small. What can you write about? How about 1-2 blog posts per week about your journey and industry news in relation to your upcoming app? You can use your blog as a platform to validate your ideas and build a dialogue. You can also consider using guest bloggers whom you can reach out to via your social media channels.

 3.     Content Strategy
There is enough content on the Internet so why do we need to create more? When building your brand, content is king. Ask yourself: What is your community interested in? Then identify key topics that you can talk about. It doesn’t always have to be YOUR content so make sure to comment on content that others put out to develop your brand’s voice.

4.     Build Digital Alliances
Find non competing organizations at a more advanced stage than you are, with a decent social media presence and who target the same verticals as you do (for instance if you are targeting the food industry look for service providers). Befriend them on social media. On Twitter this may mean re-tweeting their content, attending their Twitter chats, etc. This will allow you to be noticed, tap into their respective communities and develop cross promotional opportunities.

5.     Ask Questions
Questions are a great way to build engagement around your brand. So instead of simply re-hashing key industry news, you can ask your audience what they think about it? Make sure to respond to your fans no matter how trivial it might seem and appreciate their feedback.


Wahiba Chair

Principal at MediaTouch.ca
Wahiba Chair, BSc., MBA
Wahiba Chair is a skilled digital technologist who helps companies build and improve their online presence using social media. Her company, Media Touch, offers community management, digital marketing, promotion and content strategies for businesses needing to increase their online presence, engagement and their internal digital knowledge.

Wahiba built her digital skills as the founder of Carrotlines, Canada’s top mobile food marketing platform that connects consumers and brands.

Connect with Wahiba on Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.
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